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Cholesterol Control to Reduce Heart and Stroke Risk

Presenter Gina Daubney Garrison, PharmD, Associate Professor at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Clinical Pharmacist at Albany Medical Center Adult:Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Group

Join us at Normanside Country Club, Delmar.  Arrival at 5:30 pm  dinner at 6:30 pm 

"Cholesterol Control to Reduce Heart and Stroke Risk"

Program will focus on the following 4 key questions:

  1. Why is cholesterol control important?
  2. What lifestyle choices help control cholesterol?
  3. What are the benefits of taking drug therapy for cholesterol?
  4. What are the risks of taking drug therapy for cholesterol?

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"The Salem Witch Trials of 1692":

Join us at Normanside Country Club, Delmar, Arrival at 5:30 pm dinner at 6:30 pm

Marilyn Rothstein, aka M. E. Kemp, a past resident  of Delmar will talk to us about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. This should be an interesting program and a good time to rekindle old friendships.

M.E. Kemp has roots in Salem, MA that go back to 1636.  The author of five historical mystery novels, working on a sixth, she could not resist including a plot set in Salem, 1692, the year of the famous Witch Trials.  Kemp's research revealed so much information she decided to create a separate talk on the excess material, hence "The Salem Witch Trials of 1692."  Kemp gives the talk all over New England and New York State.  She was born in Oxford, MA, a town her ancestors helped to settle in 1713 and where her family still reside.  Kemp is former Vice President of the Hudson Valley Writers Guild and is an active member of the Speaker's Bureau of Sisters in Crime, New England chapter.  Her books include "Death of a Dutch Uncle" and "Death of a Cape Cod Cavalier."  She also writes articles and short stories which have appeared in many publications.  Kemp is married to Jack Rothstein and lives in Saratoga Springs.  

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Women in Astronomy

Promoting STEM Education at the Dudley Observatory

Did you know that women played an important role in astronomy?  Come join us at our November meeting at  Grille one six five, Normanside Country Club, Delmar, NY,  and meet Dr. Valerie Rapson, an outreach astronomer at Dudley Observatory.




Happy Holidays

Seasons greetings!  Holiday gifts collected for annual giving.  




Join us at Normanside Country Club, 150 Salsibury Rd., Delmar, NY

Guest speaker will be John Van Vorst, from the NYS Attorney General’s Office, who will talk about how to avoid being taken in by consumer fraud. It seems every year there are new ways people try and take advantage of others, particularly seniors, by selling them over rated goods for lots of money, or steal their identity and obtain banking information.




Breakfast Meeting - Guest speaker Christina Arangio, NEWS-10ABC

We will hold our Annual breakfast meeting at the Normanside Country Club, 150 Salisbury Road, Delmar, NY. This year our Guest speaker will be Christina Arangio, for NEWS-10ABC.  She will be explaining how she got into broadcasting.




October 17 Dinner Meeting at Normanside Country Club, 165 Salisbury Road, Delmar, NY

What does the Food Pantry Do

Come join us and hear about the Regional Food Bank of NENY.  Mark Quandt will speak to us and let us know about all the things they do to help our community.  We can learn more about their Back Pack Program, how many locations they serve, how people can help them.  Keeping informed on what's happening around us and how we can contribute is always a challenge.

For reservations contact Carol Sinnott @ Sinnott_carol@hotmail.com. by October 15

Gathering at 6:00PM with dinner at 6:30 PM.  Price fix: entrée with salad, tea or coffee and dessert at $32.00 per person.  Attendees choose from selected menu that night.