Highlights of 2017-2018

We thank all of our speakers this past year that have helped to keep us up to date on things around us.  Kathy Cooke told of her recent trip to Poland where she participated in a program called "Angloville", one of the largest English immersion program providers in Europe, promoting cultural exchange amoung native English speaking volunteers and local participants;  Frank Desorbo told us how "The Patriot Flights" that fly veterans to Washington DC;  Members from "To Life" reminding us ho important it is to keep a positive outlook when dealing with trauma;  Tim Leonard, FBI Task Force,told us how large their coverage is in our area and how they work with other agencies;  Elain Phelan reviewed some of the changes in the new tax law;  Rene Scavio explained many of the services of "The Stram Center of Integrative Medicine" and Noelene Smith spoke on how she started "The Baby Institute: to help parents improve the learning process for young children.

As you can see we  explore the  many interests of our members and friends and invite you to join us at any of our meetings.

Highlights of 2016-2017

In September we started our year off with our monthly dinner meeting;  The speaker for the night was Gina Garrison, 

PharmD, Associate Professor at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, gave a presentation on "Cholesterol Control to Reduce Heart and Stroke Risk". In September  Marilyn Rothstein, aka, M.E.Kemp, and spoke on “The Witches of Salem”; October   Dr. Valerie Rapson, Dudley Observatory @ MiSci, told of their plans for future observation telescopes to be set up.  In December we had a holiday gathering and brought gifts for Unity House.  As the year went on in January we had a review of the NYSWI Athena Program; February Cindy Urbach informed us about a program she is involved in called  “ Families in Need”;  March,  John VanVois from the Attorney General’s Office explained current scams an how not to be taken in by them; May Chris Siveri spoke on weather happenings and climate changes and in June we had our end of the year social gathering at a members home.

Highlights of 2015 - 2016

A special thanks to all of our speakers this past year and another to our members and friends who worked on the Reality Store programs with Girls Club of Schenectady  in the fall and of Albany in the spring.  The year started off with a Reality Store program with the Girls Club of Schenectady  -to- Melissa Cook, President Dale Carnegie of Northeastern New York on “The Art of and Science of Listening” – to - Kate Newcombe, National Grid, on “Emergency Preparedness, Safety and its’  Role in the Community” – to - our holiday gathering with gifts collected for Albany VA. –to - Paul Ehman from the Center for Addiction – to - Martha McCormick and Eileen Bird  from To Life highlighting  what breast cancer treatments are available the area and how treatments have changed over the years –to -  Gene Dumlao, Outreach Counselor for NY StateWide Senior Action Council –to- a breakfast meeting with Paul Grondahl, award winning author who spoke on his books  “These Exalted Acres” and “Great Dogs of Albany”- to Sheriff Craig Apple Sr. of Albany  County on services the county supplies to the community – to – our end of the season picnic.