About Capital Region Women's Network

Our Mission: 

To Promote Personal and Professional Development for Women Through Advocacy, Education, and Information.

Capital Region Women’s Network (CRWN) was formed by merging two local women's groups: “State Street BPW” and the "Greater Capital Region BPW" in 1981.

CRWN (pronounced "crown") meets monthly from September through June for a dinner meeting that typically includes a speaker, networking opportunities, a brief business meeting and sometimes fundraising for our scholarship.

We are a local chapter of New York State Women, Inc. (NYSW) a statewide organization dedicated to promoting equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information and includes among its membership women and men of every age, race, religion, political party and socio-economic background. Formerly known as Business and Professional Women/NY (BPW/NY) which promoted workplace equity since 1919. When BPW/USA reorganized into the BPW Foundation, the state and local clubs adapted with name changes but remain vibrant and their mission continues to be critical to the lives of working women. 

Goals and Objectives:

CRWN together with NYS Women, Inc. fosters the success of women by providing career advancement resources, work-life strategies and personal and professional connections.  Organizational changes at the National level have changed our name, but has not changed our goals!    

Health:   As we move from raising families and retiring from our jobs, keeping active socially is an important part of keeping us healthy.  Health issues are addressed at some of our meetings as well as other community  happenings in our area.   

Workplace Equity: Pay Equity, Violence Against Women, Minimum Wage, Affirmative Action, Small Business Issues, Contraceptive Equity, Social Security, Long-Term Care & Retirement Security

Work- Life Effectiveness: Family and Medical Leave, Paid Family and Medical Leave, Healthy Families Act & Child Care

Civil Rights: Equal Rights Amendment, Title IX & the International Women's Rights Treaty (CEDAW)



CRWN is proud founder of the Cornelia A. Bregman Scholarship Fund for Women Returning to Education which is administered by The Greater Capital Regional Endowment Fund.  To learn  more about this visit the  Scholarship Application page.   Each year, we provide a $2,000 scholarship to a woman in a career-related study for the upcoming academic year. The goal is to aid women who are changing, starting, or advancing careers due to under-employment, lack of appropriate education, changes in their household earning capacity or other circumstances which have hampered or delayed their earnings capacity or job stability.

We hope you or someone you know will benefit from our support.  You do not have to be a member to be eligible for our scholarship.  Please consider our invitation to join us in networking and supporting others in our communities.